DhiWise Launch Week 2

31st January - 4th February 2022

Mark your calendar

31 JAN 2022 @ 11 AM IST
The Much-Awaited Logic Builder is in the House

Your backend needs logic to function well. Day 1 of the launch is dedicated to the Node.js visual logic builder that includes third-party integrated nodes, database operation nodes, and many more with drag & drop customization, and the flexibility to export app code.

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Custom Logic
Third-party integrated nodes
Database operation nodes
Export app code
Code preview
1 FEB 2022 @ 11 AM IST
React Positively to our Top-Shelf React Web App Builder

Building the right web app is now easier than ever with our React Web App builder. On Day 2, we unveil classic web app development, led by Tailwind CSS, Figma-to-React building flexibility, intelligent action creator, component identifier, and more.

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Tailwind CSS
Action Creator
Component Identifier
2 FEB 2022 @ 11 AM IST
Say Hello to Conditional Flow in all the Mobile App Builders and much more!

We took every review and requirement into consideration to finally come up with the newest iteration of our Mobile app builders. Key highlights include a Conditional Flow, Flutter-only app preview, Data transfer across screens, Flutter-based VSCode extension, and more.

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Conditional flow
App preview
Figma-to-code V2 Plugin
Export Screen
3 FEB 2022 @ 11 AM IST
Firebase & Supabase Integration to build the serverless applications

Now handle backend tasks and data sets like a pro as Day 4 brings Firebase & Supabase integration to Flutter. Key highlights include quicker social authentication, faster data fetching and creation, scalable backend, and more.

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Serverless Apps
Social authentication
Scalable backend
4 FEB 2022 @ 11 AM IST
DhiWise Cloud is here to Make Life Easier

Experience the perks of a full-fledged SaaS platform with DhiWise Cloud. Day 5 of the launch helps you become limitless by cutting out the deployment and scaling requirements, adding better platform control, improving security, and throwing in a dedicated dashboard.

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Deploy in production
Secure environment
Dedicated dashboard
API Insights, CPU usage, Server logs